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Maintenance Services

In order to enjoy long-term tenant retention and avoid property degradation, loss of tenants and declining rents, all owners need to properly maintain their rental property. Our Utah property management company is fully equipped to manage all maintenance concerns you might have. At the time of the occurrence our office staff drafts a work order and emails you the concern.

Maintenance and repair fees will vary depending on the nature of the repair or improvement. All repairs will be subject to owner approval. We are very concerned about cash-flow for our Owners and use only qualified and competent repair services.

For any major repairs (repairs exceeding $501) an owner can require up to two (2) additional bids.

Fall/Spring Maintenance

We take genuine interest in the needs of our clients and that’s why every spring and fall we perform a preventative maintenance on all our properties. We allow any owner to take care of these by themselves, through our company, or with a qualified maintenance company.

If our company is used, the owner will be charged a fee two (2) times per year for:
regular inspection
maintenance on all properties

The services will include inspections/ maintenance of the following: swamp cooler/AC, furnace, smoke/CO detectors, secondary water, lawn, and sprinkler systems, and windows. Materials are included, according to individual needs. The maintenance tech will also inspect the property thoroughly and ensure that all mechanics are functioning correctly, assess any capital improvements than will need to be scheduled, and make sure tenants are properly maintaining the property. A full report of all findings is available upon request.