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Real Estate Acquisitions (Buying)

DSC_0189The real estate acquisition process can be convoluted and often complex. Our Utah real estate investment brokerage and property management company benefits from the aid of licensed real estate agents who specialize in consulting and managing all aspects of your Utah real estate acquisitions, and together we can minimize the risk associated with these complexities. We work with a specialized team of professionals who are different for three important reasons:

1. They have specialized education in real estate investing.
2. They have experience in distressed and investment property purchasing.
3. They are searching for deals that generally would not be available to the average investor.

When it comes to the real estate investing, our Utah real estate investment brokerage and management company is committed to fulfilling our clients’ goals and working closely with them to identify risk appropriate properties, ensure the soundness of each transaction, and close the deal successfully.

Property Management and Maintenance

Managing and maintaining your investments is the most important aspect of a good plan. Our Utah real estate investment brokerage property management company is committed to build and maintain lasting relationships with all investors while providing a full range of reporting and managing services. Because we focus on the long-term side of real estate ownership, we believe it is important that your assets are managed the proper way. Our real estate specialists have the required knowledge to educate and prepare you for the process of accumulation and ownership.

The following are all part of the property management plan:

1. Specialized Lease agreements
2. Property rules & guidelines
3. The management team
4. Annual cash-flow summaries and budgeting
5. Highly advanced and specialized software

Annual meetings are held to update you on your investments, keep you informed, and address any concerns associated with them. As a Utah real estate investment brokerage and property management company our goal is to develop and manage long-term relationships with investors while helping them build and preserve their financial wealth.

Planning and Portfolio Management

The acquisition and management process of real estate, as an investment, should be approached from a planned perspective. Our Utah real estate investment brokerage and property management company handles the search, negotiations, acquisition and management of the property throughout the investment life. Good planing entails, at a minimum, three areas of focus:

1. Investment plan
2. Management plan
3. Exit strategy

We take the planning approach to real estate, and expect our clients to do the same. Our trained Utah real estate agents and brokers know every nuance of the relationship between your tenants and your property and can lift the load from your shoulders by managing all aspects of your property.