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As Utah real estate investors and a property management company, we understand it can be very frustrating to have someone living in your property and not paying the rent, even though you need that money to pay the mortgage. That’s why evictions are serious to our company. Due to our screening practices we have a much lower occurrence of evictions. We have had the misfortune of properties that have come already occupied needing these services extensively, therefore we are well practiced and have excellent processes in place.

Evictions occur wen a tenant violates their contract and we cannot come to terms on any arrangements. Some reasons for eviction are:

1. The tenant is late on rent an cannot be contacted for 9 days.
2. The tenant is late on rent and makes arrangements but breaks the arrangements.
3. The tenant becomes 25 days past due regardless of arrangements.
4. Any criminal activity at the property.
5. Any unauthorized individuals occupy the property.
6. Any damage to the property.
7. Improper care of the property.

We can on many occasions, get the bad tenant out within weeks of starting the process.